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Who can participate in ETEIA project?
Project gives an opportunity for students, academic and non-academic staff to acquire knowledge and competencies in the exemplary issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
Where to follow project's progress?
All the activities will be published on the page "News" and will come up on the main page. What is more, you can follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn. You will find links behind icons in the header.
What is project's main objective?
The project's key objective is to create an inviting environment for young entrepreneurs working in the area of resources management, energy technologies, circular economy and students interested in transforming their ideas into successful businesses.
What ETEIA project brings to society?
Project intends to foster the production and dissemination of novel knowledge, according to the international objectives, assuming that education, scientific knowledge and innovation are crucial common driving forces for the
socio-economic development which ultimately improve the lives of a society as a whole.
Who is the organiser of ETEIA Project?
All activities in the project will be fulfilled by the consortium consisting of three universities: AGH UST, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Ostim Technical University, one research institute Łukasiewicz Center and one business representative New Energy Transfer sp. z o.o as an associated partner.
What's ETEIA vision and the main goal?
The vision of the project for the next decade is promoting entrepreneurship in the sustainable development fields and fostering the entrepreneurial education in curricula. The main goal is to increase innovation and entrepreneurial potential, according to the assumptions of the HEI Initiative Pilot Call.
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