Continuing information on micro-projects and winning ones that are an opportunity for energy transformation, today we are going to Turkey and OSTİM Teknik Üniversitesi

The winners are Solar Bot, Rubicon platform and cuPlant. Read more for the details of projects! 


1st Place: Solar Bot
(Berat Bilden, Emre Üzümcü, Vuslat Dursun)

Solar panels are long-lasting but high initial investment energy-producing tools. Depending on the region where the solar panels are located, pollution caused by environmental factors can reduce production efficiency by up to 30% in a month. Solar panels should be cleaned on average every two months to maintain efficiency.

The fact that the brushes used during the cleaning process cause micron scratches causes the production life of the solar panels to be shortened, and the choice of brushes is not the only factor at this point. There is also the possibility of damage to the panel cells due to the use of disproportionate force during cleaning by people using manual methods.

With the widespread use of solar panels worldwide, solar panel cleaning robots have been developed as a solution to this problem. The main problem of these developing robots is that they are still in the R&D stage, they are high cost, and are not a product that appeals to the end user. The need for a high-cost and user-friendly robot emerges as an investment need in this area.

As a result of the R&D studies carried out for the defined problem, the Solar BOT has been designed by our team, which is a product for the end user, minimizing the human factor and minimizing the margin of error. With its Solar BOT features and sales strategy, it will cease to be a product only rented by cleaning companies and will be a product that the end user can easily choose. In this way, it will close the big gap in the sector and it will be a cost-effective solution without investors being dependent on cleaning companies.


2nd Place: Rubicon
(A. Kemal Gökmen, Murat Kaval, Ravza Nur Günal, Sercan Çavuş)

Rubicon is a B2B/B2C platform that deals with the online sale of Turkish companies' products. In fact, it is a website that brings together many small manufacturers that cover and produce many sectors from electronics to the automotive sector, which includes industrial elements.

In addition to using the microservice-based software architecture systemically, the products are modeled in real-time and presented to the users. Each category has other subsections that make searching easier, faster, and more intuitive. Each product is then equipped with a detailed card accompanied by a description of the purchase price as well as photos and features.


3rd Place: cuPlant
(Şerife İrem Nur Çeri)

The name of my project is “cuPlant”. The aim of the project is to prevent the pollution caused by cardboard cups to the environment. While realizing this purpose, the risk of environmental pollution that may occur as a result of these wastes will be minimized by using both existing wastes and wastes that may occur later. In order to achieve this goal, I had two important designs. One is the seedling tube design from cardboard cups and the other is the recycling stand design for the correct collection of cardboard cups. I used 90% of the waste materials in these designs. Thus, raw materials and energy that would be spent to produce a new product will not be spent and CO2 emission will be prevented. At the same time, the amount of micro-plastic released into the environment due to improper collection and disposal of cardboard cups will also decrease. At the end of all these processes, cardboard cups will be collected correctly and turned into viols and used in plant cultivation. By using today's resources, which is the main purpose of my project, in the right way, I will ensure that they are transferred to our future.


Micro-project competition at OSTIM University!

14 January 2023

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