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All goals of the ETEIA project are related to the main objective of HEI Initiative, which is supporting higher education institutions to increase innovation and entrepreneurial capacity.



Business, Education and Innovation

The ETEIA project intends to foster the production and dissemination of novel knowledge in a straight connection with society, meeting the societal challenges and political policies, according to the international objectives, assuming that education and scientific knowledge and innovation are the crucial common driving force for the socio-economic development which ultimately improve lives of the people and society as a whole.



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University where we manage to combine development of applied and social sciences.

AGH University of Science and Technology

Our main goal is to connect companies with research institutes.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network

Our role is to arrange high quality internships during the project.

New Energy Transfer Ltd.

We promote research, knowledge transfer and scientific dissemination.

University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro

We design education curricula in cooperation with industry stakeholders.

OSTIM Technical University

Our Partners

The true synergy force of business, education and innovation that supports young entrepreneurs.

ETEIA vision and the main goal

The vision of the project for the next decade is promoting entrepreneurship in the sustainable development fields and fostering the entrepreneurial education in curricula.

The main goal is to increase innovation and entrepreneurial potential, according to the assumptions of the HEI Initiative Pilot Call.

5 Partners

1 200 000 €

July 2021 - 
December 2021

Phase 1

Phase 2

3 European Countries

Total Budget

January 2022 - 
July 2023

Diagnosis of needs and competence gaps in the area of creativity, innovation and commercialisation of knowledge.

Leader: UTAD, Partners: AGH, OSTIM

Work Package 1 

Basic entrepreneurial trainings for academic staff and students.

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 2 

Advanced & proficiency level trainings for students and staff.

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 3

Mentoring of students.

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 4

Mentoring of staff.

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 5

Supporting start-up and internships.

Leader: OSTIM, Partners: ALL

Work Package 6

Communication & Dissemination

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 7

Project management.

Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL

Work Package 8

Work Packages