First in-person Innovation Vision Action Plan Workshop

The EIT’s HEI Initiative 2022 Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) Workshop held on July 5-6th in Barcelona, Spain at the World Trade Centre. The Workshop was the first in-person event of the Initiative and was an opportunity to meet together project members from Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 as well as EIT HEI Initiative staff.
Katarzyna Styszko (AGH-UST) and Riza Bayrak (OSTIM Technical University) have presented ETEIA project.
The aims of the workshop were:
  • Anchoring projects to the Initiative objectives: making sure all project’s consortia are aware of the Initiative's development and direction.
  • Providing projects with the necessary information and mechanisms to ensure their success.
  • Network expansion through exhibition for all projects, organic interaction and through organized activities as well as build potential partnerships.
  • Getting involved through engage projects with the EIT and KICs, fostering a sense of community of HEI initiatives between the cohorts and the KICs as well as create momentum for the successful launch and continuation of projects.
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