ETEIA Steering Committee meeting in Ankara

On 20-24 June 2022 ETEIA Project Partners AGH University of Science and Technology (Cracow, Poland) and University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Vila Real, Portugal) were hosted by the OSTİM Technical University in Ankara. The meeting was also attended by dr Fabio Ferri – Education Manager representing EIT RawMaterials.
The meeting was opened by vice-rector of OSTİM Technical University prof. dr. Unsal Sigri, followed by Fabio Ferri, who in addition to administrative and financial matters drew attention to the need for interaction between projects carried out under different programmes, including national ones, in order to build synergies and sustainability.
This was followed by a presentation of the work done so far, including a mentoring programme, courses for students and staff, support for start-ups as well as a competition for student projects aimed at verifying their knowledge in the field of energy transition and commercialisation of proposed solutions. The discussion was a form of experience exchange and an attempt to solve the identified problems.
The ETEIA project is about entrepreneurship, so the experiences on the practical dimension like cooperation between industry and research & education, business models or sources of funding – are particularly important. Therefore, with great interest the participants of the meeting listened to the presentation of OSTİM Foundation represented by Orhan Aydin (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OSTIM Organized Industrial Zone, OSTIM Foundation and OSTIM Technical University) and Bugra Pekuslu (PMO Coordinator, Head of Sustainability & ESG). OSTIM Education, Research, Development, Enhancement and Solidarity Foundation was established in 1993 in order to support regional and country's businesses. Foundation built the cooperation eco-system in order to increase management, production, innovation and technological capabilities by training, research, development and innovation activities. One of the results of OSTİM Foundation is OSTIM Technical University established in 2017. University is located in OSTIM SME city with international brand value including 6,200 enterprises and more than 60,000 employees operated in 17 sectors.
One of the company visited by ETEIA project partners was Bozankaya, which offers solutions for public transportation in the cities. From the point of view of the ETEIA project, the most important information was on solutions related to the energy transition – climate protection and the circular economy. Bozankaya conducts research for the sector on waste management in the production process and minimising the negative impact of transport on the environment and people. It holds "zero waste" and "zero emission" certifications. All electrical buses under operation in Turkey are manufactured in Bozankaya. Bozankaya cooperates with OSTIM Technical University, among others, in receiving students for internships. One of the interns - Başak Sönmez - participated in the visit and shared her internship experience with ETEIA project partners.
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