Start-up offer!

Within “ETEIA Energy Transition Entrepreneurs in Action – developing a supportive academic environment for the young talents” project taking place in 2021-2023, we offer a support for selected start-ups.

On the basis of identified needs and expectations there will be determined an extent of support, which can include:

  • coaching and business mentoring for start-ups;
  • participation in Łukasiewicz Programmes;
  • participation in Łukasiewicz Challanges;
  • participation in workshops about cocreating new services based on research infrastructure;
  • preparing project applications in response to European and national competitions.

Expected benefits:

  • building business relations and partnerships;
  • identification of cooperation areas for common research projects;
  • validation of solutions applied by start-ups in laboratory and real life conditions;
  • access to research infrastructure in order to testing solutions or developing project’s portfolios;
  • support regarding certification, accreditation and preimplementation works.

Don't hesitate and cooperate with us!

 Marcin Kardas | Łukasiewicz Centre |
Dominik Kowal | CTT, WZ |

Below you can find the whole process of start-up support: 

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