Work Packages
ETEIA vision and the main goal
The vision of the project for the next decade is promoting entrepreneurship in the sustainable development fields and fostering the entrepreneurial education in curricula.

The main goal is to increase innovation and entrepreneurial potential, according to the assumptions of the HEI Initiative Pilot Call.
1 200 000 €

Total Budget
July 2021 - December 2021

Phase 1
January 2022 - July 2023

Phase 2
5 Partners

3 European Countries
Work Packages
Work Package 1
Leader: UTAD, Partners: AGH, OSTIM
Diagnosis of needs and competence gaps in the area of creativity, innovation and commercialisation of knowledge.
Work Package 2
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Basic entrepreneurial trainings for academic staff and students.
Work Package 3
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Advanced & proficiency level trainings for students and staff.
Work Package 4
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Mentoring of students.
Work Package 5
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Mentoring of staff.
Work Package 6
Leader: OSTIM, Partners: ALL
Supporting start-up and internships.
Work Package 7
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Communication & Dissemination.
Work Package 8
Leader: AGH, Partners: ALL
Project management.
ETEIA Objectives
Key objective is to create an inviting environment for young entrepreneurs and students interested in transforming their ideas into successful businesses.
Increasing innovation and entrepreneurial capacity
Creating a mentoring program for students and staff 
Creating a system to support the transfer of knowledge from education to business
Strengthening cooperation between universities and industrial partners
Exchanging experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship between partners
Developing knowledge and competences of students, academic and non-academic staff
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